November 25, 2022

Brand Appreciation

Black Friday
I’m writing this just after American Thanksgiving, and the most thanks I’m giving are of relief from the most relentless Black Friday advertising yet. Every year this insidious gimmick invades our consciousness, now even in those countries with no link whatever to pilgrims and the great American Dream. It seems businesses will stoop to any low to jump on a consumer frenzy bandwagon. It nothing sacred? What’s next? Christmas?

Genuine thanksgiving lies in what Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach identifies as “appreciation”. The word not only signifies gratitude but also incorporates that most important element – increasing value.

True brand appreciation is reciprocal, indicating the necessary exchange for both parties to experience growth. Customers truly served develop deep appreciation for a brand, while the brand itself is spared the annual Black Friday hysteria, secure in the knowledge of a long-term appreciation.


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