November 27, 2022

The Simple Connection

Simple Connection

There is no shortage of opinions out there about what a brand is, or how it works. It’s overwhelming.

From the overly-simplistic “logo and colours” approach of inexperienced marketers, to the bloated, strategy-heavy scholarly methods that suck the life out of projects and leave everyone exhausted. Sound familiar?

The most popular definition I’ve been hearing recently is “your brand is what they say about you when you’re not in the room”. And that might be right. But it doesn’t even hint at HOW you can effectively manage that brand. And years ago, old-school brands employed different and outdated brand management tactics that just don’t fly in today’s world.

So what’s the secret?

Simple connection.

When you are so aligned with your ideal customer, they will recognize your brand as an ally. They will want to include you in their life – as representing them in your particular category. This is no secret strategy – look at what people wear and see the brands they love.

When you can pay that close attention to your audience, when you REALLY know what makes them tick, then you’re positioned to give them what they really want.

Brand marketing is not coercion or manipulation, it’s real honesty that allows your people to construct their own genuine identity.


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